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THERMAL IMAGING OF AMERICA is a provider of comprehensive thermographic services and conducts infrared surveys and analysis of low-sloped roofs on commercial and residential buildings; and block walls on commercial buildings.

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Block Wall Scan

THERMAL IMAGING OF AMERICA's main focus of business is the art and science of infrared thermography. Equipped with FLIR Systems infrared cameras, utilizing the latest in IR technology, we are able to identify and document locations of wet and/or missing roof and wall insulation, which are then verified by a Tramex Dec Scanner capacitance meter. The data collected is then presented to the client in a comprehensive graphic detailed report based on appropriate standards specific to that application.

A Thermographic survey can save the building owner money during the roof replacement process by providing the owner and/or roofing contractor with the location of the wet insulation so that it can be replaced in lieu of replacing all of the insulation. An infrared scan of the roof by Thermal Imaging of American also complies with roofing material manufacturer requirements for an independent infrared roof scan prior to issuing NDL roof warranties. For CMU walls a thermographic survey provides verification of grouted cells and other wall components. Since these roof and wall conditions are invisible to the naked eye, they may be missed during a conventional inspection. This service offers a non-invasive means of diagnosing the installation and application of a key structural component to the building. The data collected is also presented to the client in a comprehensive graphic detailed report based on appropriate standards specific to that application.

THERMAL IMAGING OF AMERICA is the premier provider of roofing and block wall infrared services serving the West Coast, Pacific, and Southwest areas of the USA. Our thermographers have the experience, education, skills and certifications to provide you with the information you are looking for via nondestructive testing, the interpretation of the data gathered, and the ability to prepare a professionally written report.

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Roof IR Scans

Roof Scan IRBy using infrared thermography, we find the trapped moisture and mark the wet areas so that repairs can be made surgically. This can save you money because you may not have to replace the roof as soon. By marking paint directly on the roof, repair areas can be seen by anyone standing on the roofs after the survey is performed.

Block Wall IR Scans

Blockwall Scan IRYou may think that the only way to know whether the grouted cells, bond beams, insulation and other components of a CMU (Concrete Masonry Unit) wall are properly placed is to open the wall with hammer or drill. This test is inadequate, because this sample is much too small (often less than one ten thousandth of a percent).
There is a method that is accurate, non-destructive and inexpensive. This is the way to see the grouted cells in the entire wall section.


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