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About Us

THERMAL IMAGING OF AMERICA specializes in the professional diagnostic of roofing, decks and exterior walls through the use of non-destructive visual investigation techniques. Services provided include leak investigations, roof inspections, wall inspections, deck inspections and infrared surveys.

THERMAL IMAGING OF AMERICA uses thermal imaging and various moisture meters, combined with other skills developed during 37 years of personal experience in installing and evaluating the building envelope (roofing, walls, decks and below grade waterproofing), to accurately locate the cause(s) of moisture intrusion into a residential or commercial building. These techniques assist in identifying the location of wet insulation in roofs, walls and ceilings; and to isolate the area around a leak source. This allows for an accurate assessment of the problems conditions so that the correct scope of work can be developed before issuing repair or replacement contracts for roofing and/or exterior walls.

THERMAL IMAGING OF AMERICA also conducts infrared scans and visual inspections of roofs and exterior walls to comply with roofing manufacturer warranty requirements, to check the integrity and workmanship of a new roof assembly and block wall construction, and to develop preventive maintenance programs for the entire building envelope of commercial and residential buildings.

Shepherd Consulting Services, a full service roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall consulting firm. Shepherd Consulting Service is a California corporation that was formed in 2001 by John and Joanne Shepherd. Currently the President of Shepherd Consulting Services, John D. Shepherd, RRC, RRO, has over 37 years experience in roofing, waterproofing and exterior wall consulting, construction, analysis and design. John holds a number of industry credentials including:

  • Level I Thermography Certification (ITC)
  • Haag Certified Commercial and Residential Roof Inspector
  • RCI Registered Roof Consultant (RRC)
  • Certified Tile Roof Installer (TRI)
  • Building Science Thermography Certification (ITC)
  • California C-39 (Roofing) License
  • RCI Registered Roof Observer (RRO)
  • Certified Tile Specialist (TRI)

  • We have the experience, expertise and dedication to quality service, to assure you that our work will always be performed to the highest professional standards. We maintain general liability, professional liability and workers compensation insurance.

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